ISBN 9780798303675
Pages 114
Dimensions 234 x 156 mm
Published 2013
Publisher Africa Institute of South Africa, South Africa
Format Paperback

Forum on China-Africa Cooperation

The Politics of Human Resource Development

edited by LI Anshan, Funeka Yazini April

Since the establishment of the Forum on ChinaAfrica Cooperation (FOCAC), China and Africa have had substantial dialogues about furthering various aspects of human resource development and cooperation between the two sides. The Chinese government has firmly kept its promises to provide the human resource assistance to African countries within the stipulated time. This book assesses specific measures raised under FOCAC which include training and exchange, human resource development, medical cooperation and knowledge production. It further examines the impact of the FOCAC initiatives on human resources capacity. From an African continental side, options are being provided to develop human resource capital on the continent. The significance of China's so- power is determined as to whether the educational initiatives are done to impose superpower practices or implemented as a method of not only alleviating poverty but also promoting better understanding of the two regions. Various questions are raised as to what is the impact of China's so- power blueprint through its education, academic exchanges, training and skills development and medical cooperation on the African continent's future? Furthermore, what does it mean for China to promote human resource capacity and development through cultural or public diplomacy? And what does it mean for Africa to engage in the human resource development initiatives in a joint fashion? The book eventually demonstrates how the educational measures not only promote sustainable development particularly in Africa, but also illustrate a different angle as to how FOCAC is strengthening relations between the two regions through soft power.

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About the Editors

LI Anshan

LI Anshanis is Professor in the School of International Studies, Peking University and Director of the Institute of Afro-Asian Studies and Center for African Studies at Peking University.

Funeka Yazini April

Dr Funeka Yazini April works at the Human Science Research Council as a research specialist with expertise in industrialisation between China and South Africa, and China and Africa.