ISBN 9780620394680
Pages 400
Dimensions 300 x 300mm
Illustrations Colour Photographs
Published 2009
Publisher Gunther Komnick Studio, South Africa
Format Hardback


by Gunther Komnick

“A moment is fleeting but an impression lasts a lifetime”. The artist describes this magnificent collection of his colour photographs as a celebration of captured moments showing how all is connected: that in life, despite hardship, there are the values of dignity and respect; loyalty and hope; tradition, family, and above all love. The book is a celebration of visual encounters with the wise, beautiful, innocent, tired, weathered, strong, hopeful, needy, creative and alert: the bustle and tranquillity of humankind’s ongoing quest to co-exist with the forces of a natural world too powerful to fully comprehend it. The full page photographs are this vision of how the artist sees the world, divided into sections: culture, waiting, nourishing, trading, craft, motion, and journey.

The locations of the 448 photographs, fully indexed,  cover Egypt, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, Zanzibar, and Zimbabwe; and  Jordan and Syria. The text is given in English and German. More information and some examples of Gunther Komnick's photographs can be found here:

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About the Author

Gunther Komnick

Gunther Komnick is a survivor of a Russian labour camp. After escape to the West, he qualified as a lithographer and graphic artist and settled in South Africa in 1956. He has received many accolades, including award-winning advertising; twice the recipient of the CP Hoogenhout gold medal for children’s book illustrations, and a Life Associate of the prestigious Royal Photographic Society.