ISBN 9780798305204
Pages 322
Dimensions 244 x 170 mm
Published 2018
Publisher Africa Institute of South Africa, South Africa
Format Paperback

Inclusive Development In AfrIca

Transformation of Global Relations

edited by Vusi Gumede

This book addresses a fundamental developmental challenge for Africa: given all that we know about pertinent issues, what should be done to ensure effective development in Africa? The changing imperatives of international development, the reform of international finance institutions and the growth-development nexus debates as well as varied implications for Africa emanating from global economic crises are critical if Africa’s development is to be better understood. Undoubtedly, revisiting the origins, contexts, complexities and contradictions of the lopsided global order and their effects on development and implications for Africa’s development is necessary.

Contributions emphasise the need to radically transform global relations and to accelerate the pursuit of our quest for inclusive development in Africa; acknowledging that we must further problematise Africa’s development in the context of the obtaining global power dynamics and systematically examine the implications of the global economic crises for women as well as for land and agrarian reforms. The book is a timely contribution to our understanding of the global realities confronting Africa, with specific suggestions on how to improve development.

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About the Editor

Vusi Gumede

Vusi Gumede is a professor at the University of South Africa and Director of the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute. Previously, he was an associate professor at the University of Johannesburg and also lectured public policy at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. He worked for the South African government in various capacities for about 12 years, of which 8 years were in the Policy Coordination and Advisory Services in the Office of former President Thabo Mbeki. Before that, he was a researcher at the National Institute for Economic Policy - he also taught economics at the erstwhile University of Durban-Westville where he obtained his Masters of Commerce in Economics. He is affiliated with numerous institutions as board member, editorial board member, research fellow etc. He has also been, among other fellowships, a Distinguished Africanist Scholar with the Institute for African Development at Cornell University and a Yale World Fellow with Yale University. He holds postgraduate qualifications in economics and policy studies, including a PhD in economics. He is the editor of the series for the African Unity for Renaissance Conference and he has been guest editor of special issues of Africa Development and Africa Insight as well as author of numerous journal articles, book chapters, research reports and essays. His forthcoming book on South Africa is: Post-Apartheid South Africa: Economic and Social Inclusion (Cambria Press). 

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