ISBN 9789982241045
Pages 144
Dimensions 234 x 156 mm
Published 2017
Publisher Gadsden Publishers, Zambia
Format Paperback

Tried and Tested

My First Fifty Years

by Maureen Nkandu

When she was twelve years old Maureen Nkandu told  Queen Elizabeth II that she wanted to be a television star when she grew up. Twenty years later she was able to tell the Queen at a reception in Durban, South Africa that she had achieved her ambition. In her autobiography, Maureen discusses her ear]y days at Zambia National Broadcasting Company and why she left, her move to Bophuthatswana, training in India and Europe, her challenging but exciting career with South African Broadcasting, and her work with  the BBC in London. In pursuit of a story and at considerable personal risk she tracked down rebel leaders like Laurent Kabila of the DRC, was arrested in Kinshasa on alleged spying charges, and just got out of Freetown before rebels invaded. She has interviewed a long list of African and world political leaders and won awards for her broadcasting. More recently she has worked with the United Nations and the World Bank.

This book also frankly discusses Maureen's family background, her rivalries with her siblings, difficult relationships, and a sometimes abusive marriage. It also reveals her love for her parents, her three children and the deep respect she had for her journalist father.

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