ISBN 9781920677534
Pages 82
Dimensions 280 x 210mm
Published 2014
Publisher African Minds Publishers, South Africa
Format Paperback

A Comprehensive Review of Methods for the Channel Allocation Problem

by Shumsher Rughooputh, Harry Coomar, Jayrani Cheeneebash

The study of the channel allocation problem has received much attention during the last decade. Several techniques such as genetic algorithm, artificial neural network, simulated annealing, tabu search and others have been used. This book is devoted to compiling all the techniques that have been used to solve the channel allocation problem. Each of the methods is described fully in a manner that explains the essential parts of how the techniques are formulated and applied in solving the problem. This textbook will be helpful to students studying communications or researchers as it compiles all the techniques used since this problem was first solved.

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