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African Books Collective
PO Box 721
Oxford OX1 9EN

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Executive Director: Stephanie Kitchen
Business Manager:
Ruben Mootoosamy
Customer Relations and Production Manager (ebooks):
Carolina Bruno
Marketing Officer:
Anshita Ail
Dan Och
Ebooks Marketing and Sales:
Julian Russ and Sally Brooking
Publicity and Social Media:
Jatinder Padda

Council of Management

  • Kiaire Kamau: East African Educational Publishers, Kenya
  • Tapiwa Muchechemera: Mkuki na Nyota Publishers, Tanzania
  • Ibrahim Oanda: Codesria, Senegal
  • Akoss Ofori-Mensah: Sub-Saharan Publishers, Ghana
  • Francois van Schalkwyk: African Minds Publishers, South Africa

Senior Advisers

  • Walter Bgoya
  • Henry Chakava


  • Stephanie Kitchen
  • Nii A. Parkes
  • David Mills

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