ISBN 9780797424555
Pages 62
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Illustrations B/W Illustrations
Published 2012
Publisher amabooks Publishers, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback

A Guide to the Rock Art of the Matopo Hills, Zimbabwe

by Elspeth Parry

A Guide to the Rock Art of the Matopo Hills Zimbabwe is an essential book for anyone visiting these hills of western Zimbabwe and for those with an interest in rock art. Copies of the paintings by Janet Duff bring the art to life. It discusses the lifestyle and beliefs of the Stone Age hunter-gathers who painted on the rocks, as well as considering the art itself and its interpretation. It concludes with a description of the major sites in the Matopop hills.

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"Anyone visiting these hills will find this book an excellent reference. Reading it beforehand will help in interpreting the figures and symbols and in understanding the spiritual beliefs of the Stone Age hunter-gatherers who painted them. The work is a must for anyone really interested in Bushman paintings."

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About the Author

Elspeth Parry

Elspeth Parry has been actively involved in locating and recording rock art sites in the Matopo hills for over 20 years. She has published articles in rock art journals and is the author of Legacy on the Rocks: The Prehistoric Hunter- Gatherers of the Matopo Hills, Zimbabwe, published by Oxbow Books, Oxford, in 2000.