ISBN 9781779331547
Pages 108
Dimensions 210x148 mm
Published 2024
Publisher Mwanaka Media and Publishing, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback

A Reign of Terror

by Ntando Gerald

Methuli Singa is excited about his latest transition, from being a bachelor-about-town to finally owing the title of a married man. He's just about ready to start a family. Little does he know that his so-called wife is possessed with a deadly spirit of witchcraft that will brutally manifest and terrorize his family. It is a time frozen with horror and pain as the wicked spirit ruthlessly catapults them into a journey of death, misery, and suffering.

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About the Author

Ntando Gerald

Ntando Gerald was born and bred in Zimbabwe. He currently lives and works in South Africa. He earns his crust as a scriptwriter, researcher and content producer. He also writes short stories. His stories are a reflection of his experiences and the everyday life and its challenges. As much as he loves writing, he's also an avid reader. He believes that reading nourishes the mind.