ISBN 9789966734167
Pages 332
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2010
Publisher Zapf Chancery Publishers Africa, Kenya
Format Paperback

Abortion and Morality Debate in the African Context

A Philosophical Enquiry

by George Kegode

George Kegode, in this book, has presented a wide range of critical reflections on one of the most controversial moral issues of our times, the intentional and deliberate termination of the life of the unborn human being. Presented from the point of view of an African scholar, George Kegode's work marshals undisputable evidence of the humanity of the unborn right from the moment of conception. He argues in favour for the fundamentally inviolable right to life for this unique unrepeatable being. With vast light of philosophical reason, this book tackles the often asked questions on the subject of abortion from a moral perspective. The author's arguments cover social, ethical, eugenic, as well as therapeutic issues. Occasionally these have been the basis of moral relativism and subjectivism in the abortion debate contemporarily. Kegode's argument represents an attempt to navigate this debate from a wide spectrum of ethical theories while at the same time remaining faithful to moral objectivity.

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About the Author

George Kegode

George Kegode is a lecturer in Philosophy at Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya.