ISBN 9789970251117
Pages 72
Dimensions 216 x 140mm
Illustrations Colour Illustrations
Published 2013
Publisher Fountain Publishers, Uganda
Format Paperback

Adventures of Isha

by William Salmond

Once there was a young girl lion. Her name was Isha though her friends the bright yellow black- headed weaver birds often called her Sha. "Sha, sha, sha," they would sing when they saw her coming. They lived above her in round grass nests hanging from tree branches. Sometimes there are many nests on one branch and they sway in the wind above the Ntungwe River. Isha lived deep in Africa in the south-west of Uganda and very near Congo. She was quite happy there but she had a big problem. You are going to hear all about it. Really, it's hard to explain. If you came to visit Isha I'm sure you would understand.

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About the Author

William Salmond

William Salmond is a Scot who has spent most of his working life in Africa. He is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. In Twi language in Ghana the minister is called osofo the same name given to a traditional healer. Salmond has travelled in many parts of Africa and has spent time in the homeland of tree climbing lions like Isha in Ishasha in the south of Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda. He is the author of “Grandma” which won the National Book Trust of Uganda literary award in 2008. He is married with three daughters and now calls Westport Connecticut in the USA his base camp. William Salmond is currently Regional Director Africa Management of Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.