ISBN 9789996066726
Pages 192
Dimensions 233x178 mm
Published 2023
Publisher Luviri Press, Malawi
Format Paperback

Als Sachse zu den Chagga

Erweiterte Dokumentation eines Symposiums zum 50. Todestag von Missionar Bruno Gutmann

edited by Christel Kiel, Arnold Kiel, Ravinder Salooja

Of the German Protestant missionaries in Tanzania, Lutheran or Moravian, none was as famous as Bruno Gutmann, who worked among the Chagga from 1902 – 1938, and only World War prevented him and his wife to live there for the rest of their lives (they had already prepared their burial place among the Chagga). When I did my research there in the early 1970s, I was told that he spoke the Chagga language better than any Chagga, and when reading the three big volumes about the boys’ initiation teaching (parallel in Chagga and German), I believed it. The Chagga honoured him as their Father (Wasahuye O Wachagga) in 1963, and 50 years later the memory is still strong. In Germany his missiological ideas with the value attached to the primal ties of family, neighbourhood and age- group were controversial. In 2016 the Lutheran Leipzig Mission honoured the 50 th anniversary of his death with an academic colloquium, the texts generated by it make up this volume.

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About the Editor

Ravinder Salooja

Ravinder Salooja, is a mission theologian, pastor and church manager. Presently he works as chaplain at Tübingen university. From 2016-2022 he served as Director of Leipzig Mission.