ISBN 9789914992175
Pages 28
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2020
Publisher Vita Books, Kenya
Format Paperback

Andolo:The Talented Boy with Albinism

by Nsah Mala

Mbesa village witnesses a peculiar birth; that of a boy with a special skin colour. He becomes a curiosity for everyone. Nevertheless, his difference will not be a handicap for him. On the contrary! Andolo is a very talented man and knows how to prove it. Suitable for primary-aged children.


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About the Author

Nsah Mala

Nsah Mala is a poet and writer from Mbesa, Cameroon. He writes in Iteanghe-a-Mbesa, English, and French. He has published five poetry collections: Chaining Freedom, Bites of Insanity, If You Must Fall Bush, CONSTIMOCRAZY: Malafricanising Democracy, and Les Pleurs du mal (French). In 2016, he won the Ministry of Arts and Culture Short Story Prize in Cameroon and le Prix Littéraire Malraux in France in 2017. As a writer for children, his published picture books include: Andolo - the Talented Albino (English), Andolo - l'albinos talentueux (French), and Le petit Gabriel commence à lire (French). He translated the picture book Be a Coronavirus Fighter (Yeehoo Press) into French as Un Combattant du Coronavirus in March 2020. Nsah Mala's picture book, What the Moon Cooks, will be published in spring 2021 by POW! Kids Books (USA).