ISBN 9781920590529
ePub ISBN 9781920590567
Pages 276
Dimensions 203 x 133mm
Published 2014
Publisher Modjaji Books, South Africa
Formats Paperback, eBook

Balthasar's Gift

A Maggie Cloete Mystery

by Charlotte Otter

Maybe it was an error for crime reporter Maggie Cloete to ignore the call from the AIDS worker, before someone put four bullets in his chest. It is post-apartheid South Africa, at the turn of the century. But there is a threat to the country's new democracy: HIV/AIDS, which is met with fear and superstition. Now that fear has reached Pietermaritzburg and an AIDS activist is dead. Maggie's instincts are on red alert. Despite threats from politicians and gangsters, she learns too much about Balthasar's life and his work at the AIDS Mission to be distant and professional. She is deeply, and dangerously, involved. Balthasar's Gift continues the tradition of pacy, hard-boiled South African crime fiction.

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About the Author

Charlotte Otter

CHARLOTTE OTTER is a South African writer and former journalist, now working in IT corporate communications. Charlotte lives in Heidelberg, Germany, with her husband, three children and a ton of books.