ISBN 9789956552146
Pages 288
Dimensions 203 x 127mm
Published 2021
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

Behold The College Girls

by Mary Ngwebong Ngu

Behold The College Girls is the story of how students in an exclusive girls' mission boarding school interact with one another, on the one hand, and with their principal and staff, on the other. It portrays the power play between senior and junior level students, particularly the obstinate Form 2 students. Other struggles show students taking on the challenge of inadequate meals as well as the prohibition to entertain romantic relations with boys of other colleges within the city. It equally highlights key events like spending a day with boys, and the Vocational Week aimed at recruiting reverend sisters. The story brings to the fore the shared views of four key actors on main occurrences, with one of them featuring in every event, and thanks to whom the setting changes from the college campus to the outside world, particularly the village. In the closing chapter, readers cannot help but sympathise with the key protagonist due to the quandary she is facing- to pursue higher education or not, and if so, where? Thus, Behold The College Girls ends with a suspense. Answers can only be supplied through a sequel.

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About the Author

Mary Ngwebong Ngu

Mary Ngwebong Ngu is a veteran journalist, writer, and poet. She was a news anchor at Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV), and later Economic Correspondent as well as Special Correspondent at the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon. Holder of an MA in Information and Communication Sciences from the University of Yaounde, she has written numerous articles in local newspapers and foreign magazines. Mary was a Research Officer at the Prime Minister's Office, and later, Second Councillor at the Embassy of Cameroun in Belgium. She is the author of Earth, Breath and Touch: Inspirational Poems for the Beloved (2001), Behold the College Girls, as well as My Foolishness Prevails (2021), a gripping account of how she overcame a personal life tragedy. In 1993, she became one of the "Young African Leaders "within the framework of the United States Information Service-sponsored program for training on "Pluralism and Democracy." Her second poetry book, Escape from Prison (2021), written during detention in the US catalogues her experiences from a prolonged period of separation from her family as well as displacement from her native community.