ISBN 9781869007119
Pages 144
Dimensions 203 x 127 mm
Published 2006
Publisher umSinsi Press, South Africa
Format Paperback

Bracelet 12-007-35700

by Garth Kitching

Garth Kitching's Bracelet 12-007-35700, set in a school situation, with a mutated HIV on the run, every pupil is given a monthly clearance blood test and infected pupils have to where an identifying bracelet. Frikkie Bredenkamp, the main character, is found to be infected, much to his parents' shock. His thought and fears are explored and teenage boys battling with their sexuality will identify with Frikkie. The issue of viral mutation would not be a familiar one with many young people and the story should instigate sober reflection in pupils as they chew on the possibility of mutation. "The doctor placed the bracelet on the shining wooden table in front of me. The smooth glittering stainless steel with imprinted small red numbers lay waiting ominously for its place on my left wrist." It is the year 2007. Frikkie Breedenkamp, like all teenagers, understands the dangers of HIV and AIDS but falls in love with Jolene, 'his girl with a thousand smiles.' His terrible circumstances cause him to enter the grounds of 'the haunted house' and it is in this place, shrouded in mystery, that he finds healing. This is the story of triumph over adversity and the power of relationships. Bracelet 12-007-35700 is the story of hope, even when situations seem hopeless.

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