ISBN 9789966568090
Pages 194
Dimensions 230x145 mm
Published 2024
Publisher East African Educational Publishers, Kenya
Format Hardback

Breaking the Illusions

A memoir

by Sicily K. Kariuki

Breaking the Illusions is the story of resolve and grit in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. In this tell-all book, the author paints an insider's view of government, exposing the odds that are inexorably ranged against those who challenge the status quo and are perceived to be all-powerful. Hers is the intriguing story of a mistaken tag that at once opens multiple warfronts with shadowy detractors and opens previously unimaginable doors. The author provides a window into statecraft in a way that leaves the reader, researchers, ministers and even serving and aspiring public servants the richer.

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About the Author

Sicily K. Kariuki

Sicily Kanini Kariuki was born in Gakwegori, on the outskirts of Embu Town on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. Sicily holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Nairobi. She also holds a Master's degree in Strategic Management, as well as several postgraduate diplomas and certifications from different international institutions. Buoyed by unfailing family love and inspiration from mentors and role models with whom she has surrounded herself, Sicily rose from humble beginnings to an illustrious career in private and public service. Her footprints in the horticulture and tea sectors remain indelible. She would later rise to the position of Principal Secretary for Agriculture, reaching the apex of public service as a Cabinet Secretary in three key ministries in the Republic of Kenya. Upon resignation from her cabinet position, Sicily ventured into the political arena and then pivoted back to the private sector as a certified Executive Leadership Coach and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.