ISBN 9781779331489
Pages 132
Dimensions 210x148 mm
Published 2024
Publisher Mwanaka Media and Publishing, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback

Broken maps


by Riak Marial Riak

'Broken maps, made from stories of displacement and refugee camps, stories of depression, of people learning to live with sound of gunshots today find their space within the broken maps, all living with broken lives. This to me is the scene the poet deliberately calls broken maps and one can go beyond boundaries to meet people whose lives mingle in what they strongly reject from their once brothers, war. Here the poet uses Poetry as a device to relieving this people from anxiety and depression. And it's here one can relax and grab the collection and enjoy the flow of every piece?

- Alphonso Cikedi

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About the Author

Riak Marial Riak

Riak Marial Riak is a south Sudanese poet and writer. His works have featured on Kalahari review, African writer magazine, Eunoia review, Brittle paper, Ngiga review, Eboquils, Nthanda review, Songs of the Nile, Best New African poets Anthology and many other Poetry platforms across Africa.