ISBN 9781919625645
Pages 366
Dimensions 203x127mm
Published 2022
Publisher Get Real Books, UK
Format Paperback

Bukavu Blues

by Peter Lewenstein

"As sharp and dangerous as a well-honed blade in a killer's hand, Bukavu Blues takes the reader on a terrifying and exhilarating journey."

Mike Walker, co-author of Tumanbay: The City of a Thousand Faces

A murderous gang on the rampage. A country torn apart by brutal conflict. A man determined to stop the bloodshed. 

Watching his people suffer years of appalling violence has made human rights defender Patrice Le Congo grow weary and cynical. But when schoolteacher Aurélia Mukunda turns to him for help after a mutilated body is found in a village, he can't say no.

Patrice's investigation takes him to lawless tin mines and hazardous encounters with rebel groups and renegade army units - to the heart of a seemingly never-ending war that's brought death and destruction to eastern Congo.

More gruesome murders follow, threatening to derail an international peace conference. Then the killers abduct Aurélia. And Patrice is faced with two challenges: to save the teacher and to save his country.

Bukavu Blues is the opening novel chronicling the adventures of Patrice Le Congo - a series of crime thrillers with a global political dimension.

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About the Author

Peter Lewenstein

Peter Lewenstein was born in London. Before turning to fiction he was a journalist. He edited and produced the BBC radio programmes Network Africa and Focus on Africa, and travelled widely across Africa, reporting on elections, war and everyday life. When not writing, he does normal things like going for a walk or watching football. He is married and has two daughters. He is a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors.