ISBN 9789956551774
Pages 124
Dimensions 203 x 127mm
Published 2020
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

Chadian Sister Engages Kansas City Youth about Peace and Justice

Citoyenne du monde en construction à Kansas City

by Jeannette Nelkem Londadjim

A woman meets young people from various backgrounds – at a U.S. university. She is African, from Chad. The students, eager to learn about her life, ask probing questions. She tells them about the war, her flight, her refugee status, her experiences in West Africa and Algeria. In turn, she discovers that they are still exposed to racism in their country – an outrage compounded by the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. As an activist in residence, she dialogues with the students about their aspirations and encourages them to become artisans of peace and justice. We look forward, in turn, to the thoughts and writings of young people about the encounters shared here and the illustrations by a young Kenyan woman that accompany the essays.

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"This bilingual book is a gem of thoughtful reflection and love. A very inspirational read."

Carol Coburn, Historian and Emeritus Professor of Women’s and Gender studies, Avila University

About the Author

Jeannette Nelkem Londadjim

Jeannette Nelkem Londadjim works for peace and justice. She lives in France currently and used be active in the nongovernmental organization that brings the concerns of the Sisters of Saint Joseph to various organs and agencies of the United Nations.