ISBN 9782869782051
Pages 156
Dimensions 297 x 210 mm
Published 2007
Publisher CODESRIA, Senegal
Format Paperback

Challenges of Education Financing and Planning in Africa

What Works and What Does Not Work

edited by Adebayo Olukoshi, Mohamed Chérif Diarra

This volume highlights the proceedings of the two policy dialogue conferences held by the Working Group on Finance and Education (WGFE) in 2004. Part I of the document discusses the endemic crisis with which higher education has been beset since the outset of the post colonial period in Africa. It highlights the critical state of higher education systems in Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria and Senegal by scrutinizing the causes, manifestations and consequences of the crisis to posit useful recommendations and possible solutions. Part II is a comprehensive review of the challenges facing the financing and planning of all levels and types of education - from kindergarten to graduate school - in selected African countries. The papers reveal the sources and mechanisms of funding education in Africa, drawing attention to the experiences of communities confronted with new funding sources. A new trend of designing decade long educational development plans has emerged and is rapidly expanding in numerous African countries. This experience is examined and shared by the authors. The contributions are in both French and English.

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About the Editor

Mohamed Chérif Diarra

Mohamed Chérif Diarra is in charge of the CODESRIA Education and Finance Program (ADEA).