ISBN 9781957296227
Pages 82
Dimensions 216x140mm
Published 2023
Publisher Spears Media Press, Cameroon
Format Paperback



by Michael M. Kengnjoh

In this collection, poet Michael Kengnjoh invites the reader to appreciate a world in which the game of power takes central stage. The poems deal with the themes of politics, the economy, the fate of the masses and leaders’ desperate attempts to cling to power. It is a collection that invites humanity to reflect on the fleeting nature of power, the need to liberate both the vulnerable and the powerful, the transitory nature of life, and the alternative possibilities that abound.

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About the Author

Michael M. Kengnjoh

Michael M. Kengnjoh, SD, PhD is an educationist, psychologist, and leader with a strong interest in these fields. He has served in many roles, including Chancellor of the Diocese of Buea, Manager of Divine Mercy Radio and Television, Catholic Education Secretary, Director of John Paul II Institute of Theology, and Director of Administrative Affairs at the Catholic University Institute of Buea. He is also the author of the biography Bishop Immanuel Bushu: Churchman and Visionary. He’s presently studying at Boston College, USA.