ISBN 9789996080357
Pages 124
Dimensions 233x178 mm
Published 2024
Publisher Luviri Press, Malawi
Format Paperback

Climbing High Mountains

Colonial entanglement & postcolonial reflections

by Ravinder Salooja

In October 1896, a squadron of "Deutsche Schutztruppe" forces erected a camp on Mount Meru, near the mission station that King Matunda was having built. A night battle between local people and the German forces resulted in the deaths of at least five civilians who worked for the mission station, including five Chagga (Karava, Mrioa, Kalami and two others whose names are unknown to us) and two Eastern European Leipzig Mission missionaries, Ewald Ovir and Karl Segebrock. The deaths of Ovir and Segebrock were then used as an excuse by the "Deutsche Schutztruppe" to brutally attack the Wameru and Ilarusa people

2021 Leipzig Mission commemorated the 125th year of the so-called "Aker killings" with an international online symposium. This publication documents the presentations.

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About the Author

Ravinder Salooja

Ravinder Salooja, is a mission theologian, pastor and church manager. Presently he works as chaplain at Tübingen university. From 2016-2022 he served as Director of Leipzig Mission.