ISBN 9789970090099
Pages 340
Dimensions 210 x 148mm
Published 2018
Publisher Uganda Martyrs University Book Series, Uganda
Format Paperback

Decolonisation Pathways

Postcoloniality, Globalisation, and African Development

edited by Jimmy Spire Ssentongo

One of the perennial questions in all former colonies is that of how to break the chains in which they are still entangled in various ways long after official ‘independence’. Subsequent developments, such as globalisation, continue to make the situation even more complex. Marks of colonial chains are boldly imprinted in many Africans’ psyches and relayed in practice in ways quite often contradictory to the continent’s development demands. This book is an effort by Ugandan scholars at making sense of the intricate challenges of the African postcolonial situation. It tackles a wide range of areas, including: education, research, gender, migration, cultural identity, and environment. The overarching theme that binds together the different chapters is how to theoretically understand the dynamics behind Africa’s colonial history and postcolonial performance/identities in the wake of globalisation. The theoretical analysis is then used to draw out ideas on how Africa can move forward on a self-decolonisation path to meaningful development.

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About the Editor

Jimmy Spire Ssentongo

Jimmy Spire Ssentongo (PhD) is a senior lecturer and Associate Dean in charge of Research and Publication at the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research at Uganda Martyrs University (UMU). He is also the founding Chair of the university’s Center for African Studies (CAS) and as well teaches in the Department of Philosophy at Makerere University. At UMU, he is editor of CAS’ monograph series Mtafiti Mwafrika (African Researcher). Ssentongo is also a columnist and editorial cartoonist with The Observer newspaper in Uganda.