ISBN 9789970090167
Pages 220
Dimensions 210 x 148mm
Published 2021
Publisher Uganda Martyrs University Book Series, Uganda
Format Paperback

Democratic Consolidation and Intelligence Oversight in Uganda

Implications for Emerging Democracies

by Solomon Muchwa Asiimwe

This book assesses the role of intelligence oversight in the provision of security and promotion of democracy. It looks at intelligence management primarily focusing on intelligence oversight institutions and mechanisms, and challenges faced by democratising polities, in the establishment of effective and accountable security agencies. It indicates that meaningful intelligence oversight could bring about many dividends to states and the people. It is highlighted that good oversight can restrain the executive from overt politicisation of the intelligence product. The book also analyses the philosophical and historical issues, the nature, and operation of intelligence oversight institutions in emerging democracies. Focusing on key intelligence oversight institutions in Uganda and their operations; the book studies the control and oversight subjected to the Internal Security Organisation and the institutions that do this work, plus their objectives and mechanisms if work. Some recommendations for strengthening oversight institutions in Uganda to make them effective in their functions are also provided.

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About the Author

Solomon Muchwa Asiimwe

Solomon Muchwa Asiimwe is an Associate Professor of Security Studies & International Relations at Nkumba University and Uganda Martyrs University in Uganda.