ISBN 9781779272812
Pages 202
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2022
Publisher Joyce Jenje Makwenda Collection Archive, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback

Demystifying Taboos and Sex

The Mother of All Humanity

by Joyce Jenje-Makwenda

"Demystifying Taboos and Sex.. The Mother of All is Humanity is a daring, entertaining, thought-provoking, mind-awakening, eye-opening, instructional, motivational compilation of articles written by the award-winning producer, journalist, artist, ethnomusicologist, scholar, archivist, historian, researcher, lecturer, Joyce Jenje-Makwenda, who has spent over 3 decades of her career documenting subjects as diverse as urban culture, music, politics, education, religion, media, fashion, sex, sexuality, cultural and taboo issues, and women's histories and empowerment elements she deftly weaves into this book.

The forty-eight stories, originally published from 2009-2011 and in 2015 -2016 demystify the world of sex, sexuality, and relationships from a contemporary perspective but also with strong bent on exploring African traditional mores, practises, rites of passage, beliefs, and teachings.

With multilingual sharp wit and creative prowess, Jenje provides 'real-life anecdotes' using fun and colorful euphemisms for describing aspects of this all-important leisure time activity where experimentation, exploration, adventure, and age-old techniques sensitively merge with the emotional, romantic, physical, and sometimes conflicting universal aspects love. While here - the mother of all humanity is an 'ancestor' - to embrace, enjoy, and celebrate, each story raises critical social, practical, cultural, moral, educational, and traditional issues in a way that one should definitely not miss." Nomsa Mwamuka

"This is an amazing book! Full of humour but discussing serious issues. It's a must-have book. Joyce Jenie Makwenda has addressed a lot of problems that break relationships and marriages and how to remedy the situation. Put out in a very interesting artistic way. Lots of interesting topics also about virginity. Yah! People go through a lot in silence then it breaks the marriages later on." Louis Mhlanga

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About the Author

Joyce Jenje-Makwenda

Joyce Jenje-Makwenda was born in 1958 in Mbare Township in Harare.She is a researcher, writer and producer. For the past 30 years or more she has been involved in research in the areas of music, popular culture, media, politics, women's history and gender issues. Joyce has made some notable achievements with her artistic work across the board, winning a number of awards since the early 1990's.