ISBN 9781928502708
Pages 180
Dimensions 244 x 170mm
Published 2022
Publisher African Minds Publishers, South Africa
Format Paperback
Digital Rights Open Access

Digital Technology in Capacity Development

Enabling Learning and Supporting Change

edited by Joanna Wild, Femi Nzegwu

This book focuses on digital approaches to capacity development, reflecting the greater interest in how digital tools and platforms can be used for capacity development in the ‘Global South’. While Covid-19 demonstrated some of the benefits of online learning, the widespread, often uncritical adoption of online tools driven by necessity has left many with an experience of ‘emergency online learning’. This book aims to assist in the design of technology-enhanced capacity development by sharing evidence of practices that are principled rather than rushed; inclusive rather than creating new digital divides.
Part 1 sets out the main thinking that informs the overall approach and the frameworks that guide practice. Part 2 explores a series of assumptions about technology-enhanced learning (TEL) that are common in the literature and against which data have been tested. It brings new evidence to bear on how TEL can be used more effectively as part of learning and capacity strengthening. Part 3 is designed as a practical guide to walk practitioners through the steps to create relevant, inclusive and sustainable digital learning interventions. Part 4 offers a collection of 16 case studies that illustrate how the principles have been put into practice.

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About the Editor

Femi Nzegwu

Femi Nzegwu is a gender-activist, and expert in cognitive applications of African gender systems to child development and public health.