ISBN 9789956550678
Pages 174
Dimensions 216 x 140mm
Published 2019
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

Diminishing Corruptive Practices in the Public Hospital System of Cameroon

A Qualitative Multiple Case Study

by Foleng M. Ndofor

Corrupt business and management practices exist at all levels within the public hospital system (PHS) in Cameroon and are of increasing concern among the polity as the perceptions of key stakeholders who work within the system has not been examined for helping to diminish it. In particular, these practices are affecting the well-being and socioeconomic development of its denizens. The purpose of this research was to provide further understanding of how to diminish corrupt business and management practices that continue to lead to increased monetary cost to individuals and delays in seeking preventative care within the PHS. Stakeholder theory provided a starting point for understanding and explaining the perceptions of stakeholders about corruption within the context of agency governance. The results indicated that staff/client influence rather than only lack of motivation was a rationale for accepting bribes. It also revealed diversion, where physicians keep drugs and sell to patients.

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About the Author

Foleng M. Ndofor

Dr. Foleng M. Ndofor, Ph.D earned his doctorate in Business Administration, specializing in Human Resource Management, from North-central University in San Diego CA, in the United States of America in December 2018. His research interests are in the intersection of corruption and its impact on business processes.