ISBN 9789966734174
Pages 480
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 20122
Publisher Zapf Chancery Publishers Africa, Kenya
Format Paperback

Disability, Society and Theology

Voices from Africa

edited by Samuel Kabue, Esther Mombo

Disability, Society and Theology: Voices from Africa is the result of a workshop which brought together African theologians, persons with disabilities and disability expertise in the Region to prepare resource materials to enrich the disability study process in the context of the Africa region. The book is in six parts and includes contributions from scholars across the continent. The parts are: Disability Theology: Issue to Debate; The Able Disabled and the Disabled Church: The Church's Response to Disability; Disability and Society; Disability Theology: Some Interfaces; Disability and Care-giving; and Disability in the African Experience.

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About the Editors

Samuel Kabue

Samuel Kabue is an ordained elder of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa and the Programme Executive of Ecumenical Disability Advocates Network (EDAN).

Esther Mombo

Prof. Esther Mombo is the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs) of St. Paul’s University, Limuru Kenya. She is also an associate professor in the Faculty of Theology at St. Paul’s University. She teaches Church History and Gender Studies.