ISBN 9789956791439
Pages 234
Dimensions 216 x 140mm
Published 2014
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

Drum Bits of Terror

by Imali J. Abala

Poignant and perceptive, Drum Bits of Terror tells the story of Samuel Adooli, a young man struggling to find his place in society. Inadvertently learning he was not born of wedlock, a cultural taboo, he embarks on his pursuit to find his father. He hits a roadblock as his quest side-tracks his schooling; he flunks his fourth form exams, leaving him with little to no option, but join a polytechnic college. Along the way, he forges a couple of unstable friendships, resulting in his assault not only once, but twice. Soon, his life becomes endangered when he finds himself entangled in an ethnically charged quagmire that threatens to down the stability of his nation. Ultimately, his survival becomes suspect and his choices startling. The realism in this story is exquisite.

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About the Author

Imali J. Abala

Imali J. Abala was born in 1962 in Kerongo Village, Vihiga, Kenya. She is a Professor in the Department of English at Ohio Dominican University. She is the author of three novels: The Dilemma of Jahenda the Teenage Mother (2010), The Disinherited (2007) and Move on, Trufosa (2006). She has devoted her writing to exploring social issues in contemporary Kenya, ranging from women’s quest for self-definition, the never-ending conflict between tradition and modernity, and, most importantly, the profound effects of AIDs on families and society.