ISBN 9789785494907
Pages 106
Dimensions 210x148 mm
Published 2022
Publisher Purple Letters Publishers, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Earth of Echoes

by Wellington Nwogu

"In this offering, Wellington Nwogu undoubtedly assumes his place among a new generation of poets thrown up by the new challenges of a society in a state of flux—a new army of pen-wielders confronting the persistent irritation the neglected and mismanaged national space has become." 

-Uzo Nwamara, Poet, Playwright.

"Wellington's Earth of Echoes is a perfect verse, raw of a reality based on invisibility and death." 

-Robinson Alexis Vera, Knight of Verses. Chilean, Poet.

"Earth of Echoes takes you deeper and deeper into the poetics of lamentation...Nwogu has globalised the aesthetics of lamentation once only echoed within the walls of the Niger Delta." 

-Anaele Ihuoma, Author, Imminent River.

"In Earth of Echoes, Nwogu worries on the many woes of Nigeria. More than just making a critique of society alone, he makes a conscious effort to celebrate the earth..." 

-S. Su'eddie Vershima Agema, Multiple award winning poet and author of Home Equals Holes Tale of an Exile.

"Wellington Nwogu is one of the finest African poets with an uncommon artistic vigor and style with which he mirrors the prevailing sociopolitical decay of the Nigerian society. His Earth of Echoes allegorically reflects on various thematic hues, such as the booms and the dooms of the contemporary times among other ills."

-Prof. Ozo-mekuri Ndimele, Former Vice Chancellor, Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Port Harcourt.

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About the Author

Wellington Nwogu

Wellington Nwogu is a fast-growing African poet from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. He holds a PhD in Literature, a Master of Arts (M.A) degree in Literature, and a Bachelor of Education Degree (B.ED) in English Studies. Nwogu is the founder of the Etche Writers' Association (EWA); he holds membership in the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Rivers State Branch, Nigeria Literary Society (NLS), Readers Association of Nigeria (RAN), and Seaview Poetry Club, among others.