ISBN 9782869787131
Pages 260
Dimensions 234 x 156mm
Illustrations Colour Illustrations
Published 20210
Publisher CODESRIA, Senegal
Format Paperback

Ecological Changes in the Zambezi River Basin

edited by Mzime Ndebele-Murisa, Ismael Aaron Kimirei , Chipo Plaxedes Mubaya

This book provides an analysis of the ecological conditions and ecosystem goods and services of the Zambezi River Basin (ZRB), the fourth largest river in Africa. Various environmental and anthropogenic factors; inclusive of climate, environmental flows, hydrology, morphology, pollution and land use changes among others and their interactions are considered as drivers of the river ecosystems. The impacts of these drivers on aquatic biota, river ecological integrity, and the livelihoods of surrounding communities are analysed within the socio-economic-policy context. The book goes beyond the usual inventories and basic research by using the comparative research method (CRM) in a trans-disciplinary manner. This CRM analytical approach in this book seeks to interrogate the differences or similarities in socio-economic systems, livelihoods, ecological systems, ecosystem goods and services, their usage and management under the seemingly different cultural, socio-economic conditions expected across boarders that are within the ZRB. The multidisciplinary approach also connects the typical ecological research with social dimensions in a holistic manner. The book therefore, provides empirical and research based evidence to support strategic planning and policy development in the wake of ecological changes that nations and indeed regions such as the ZRB are grappling with while seeking to sustainably manage precious river systems.

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About the Editors

Mzime Ndebele-Murisa

Mzime Ndebele-Murisa is a Freshwater Ecologist who was based in the Department of Freshwater and Fishery Sciences, School of Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation at Chinhoyi University of Technology during the writing of this book. Currently, she is a Program Specialist at START International in charge of the Future Resilience for African Cities and Lands (FRACTAL) and other programs.

Ismael Aaron Kimirei

Ismael Aaron Kimirei is an Aquatic ecologist with extensive experience in fish ecology, limnology, aquatic resources management, and climate change issues. Ismael has more than 16 years of working in the great lakes of East Africa and has authored and co-authored 35 peer-reviewed journal articles. He is currently the Director-General of the Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute.

Chipo Plaxedes Mubaya

Chipo Plaxedes Mubaya holds a PhD in Development Studies and is currently the International Collaborations Manager at Chinhoyi University of Technology, Zimbabwe.