ISBN 9789788422341
Pages 800
Dimensions 229 x 152 mm
Published 2012
Publisher Malthouse Press, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Equity and Trust in Nigeria

by Festus Emiri, Ayuba O. Giwa

Equity and Trusts in Nigeria covers wide-ranging issues in this area of law and draws from a mixture of property law and the law of obligation. Some of the topics covered are: History and Development of Equity; Equitable interest in land; The nature of trust; Matrimonial property and trusts; Charitable trust; General equitable defenses; Trustees' fiduciary duties; Commercial trusts and insolvency; and the future of equity.

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About the Authors

Festus Emiri

Oghenemaro Festus Emiri, was Professor of Jurisprudence, former Dean of Law at the Delta State University, Oleh Campus, Delta State of Nigeria, but is now Professor of Jurisprudence Chair E.K. Clark Distinguished Professor of Lawyering Skills, Edwin Clark University, Kiagbodo, Delta State, Nigeria. He is the author of Law of Restitution in Nigeria, Equity and Trust in Nigeria, and Medical Law and Ethics in Nigeria. His major interest is in Legal Philosophy and the Law of Obligations,especially the emerging Law of Restitution. 

Ayuba O. Giwa

Ayuba O. Giwa is of the Faculty of Law, Delta State University, Oleh Campus, Oleh, Nigeria.