ISBN 9781779331427
Pages 114
Dimensions 210x148 mm
Published 2024
Publisher Mwanaka Media and Publishing, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback

Ethiopian Aliens


by Clesirdia Nzorozwa

Ethiopian Aliens, being my first anthology to be published, is a book based on African integrity, origins, value, culture and also love. It was inspired by a lot of different emotions on different levels, different times. After doing a little digging I have always been a fan of our own African history and as I went through searching I also noticed that Africans have always been a subject to being inferior to other races and considered Aliens which I later discovered that to some extent we have accepted as the norm. We became subject to wanting to look more like the other races. Though this book is not based on racism, it's just to enlighten and brings out the beauty in being whatever skin colour. As you will notice I do speak on a lot of issues that affect us as a people. Most of these pieces were written in-between the years 2018 to 2023; It is a compilation of what transpired in between those years, some being written from my own experiences.

- Clesirdia Nzorozwa 

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About the Author

Clesirdia Nzorozwa

Clesirdia Nzorozwa aka Clessy is a female poet, song, short story and scriptwriter, hip hop artist and fashion designer aged 26. Her nationality is Zimbabwean. She has released songs such as "Wayup" featuring PrimeNero, "Nobody" featuring Cilla Fox which were aired on the Fix on ZiFm. Another feature song which was played on national television ZBCTV "Fellin love," which she featured the urban groove artist Victor Dee. She also worked on the song "Recess," which was also aired on ZiFm."Prayers", "Churchfolks", "Teardrops" are among some of her released works. She is also the chief editor and content creator for an online wedding magazine "Svitsa" and a writer for another online magazine "Glow". She has had poems that have been published in the Standard News Paper and online@ 3-MOB.COM several times, Best New African Poets 2018 and 2019 compilations and "Chitungwiza Mushamukuru Anthology",