ISBN 9789994463831
Pages 220
Dimensions 290 x 290
Illustrations Colour Photographs
Published 2019
Publisher Shama Books, Ethiopia
Format Paperback

Ethiopia's Wildlife Treasures

by Håkan Pohlstrand

Ethiopia is a treasure trove of wildlife secrets that are to be discovered, marvelled and preserved. The diversity of mammals and birds have evolved because of the unique geographic conditions of the land: highland  forests, lofty plateaus, dense jungles, fertile valleys, parches pans, and the Great Rift Valley that splits the country in the middle. Ethiopia is a huge country with rare animals such as the elusive Dibatag and the endemic Walia Ibex. Nearly every year, a new species is discovered. Recognition and appreciation of the diversity and extraordinary number of endemics in Ethiopia is needed to keep these treasures for future generations. Understanding and finding a healthy balance between the needs for habitat preservation for wildlife as well as human populations is an important key if Ethiopia has hopes of keeping her treasures.

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About the Author

Håkan Pohlstrand

Although born in Sweden, Håkan Pohlstrand spent his formative years in Ethiopia, having moved there with his family when he was three years old. He spent many years alongside his father exploring and experiencing new territory and cultures. The outdoors and its creatures became his life and lasting love.