ISBN 9789976101256
Pages 208
Dimensions 203 x 203mm
Published 2019
Publisher Mkuki na Nyota Publishers, Tanzania
Format Paperback

Eva Pendaeli's Original Tanzania Cookbook

by Eva Pendaeli-Sarakikya

This is the first cookbook with recipes for authentic Tanzania cuisine. As is known to all, spices are what distinguishes one recipe from another. Tanzania is abundantly endowed with numerous spices, most of which are available in their fresh state. Names of the spices in the book are given in both English and Swahili for those who want the freshest from sokoni (the local vegetable market) and for those who are near good vegetable markets elsewhere.

This book will introduce you to locally available ingredients rich with local flavours. With the recipes provided by this book, you can prepare meals for a single person, several family members even a large gathering where good food is a prime component. They are also a great reminder of mama's cooking prepared with love. If you are away from her, you no longer need to stress about what to prepare-just turn to any page of the cookbook and start cooking.

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About the Author

Eva Pendaeli-Sarakikya

Having studied in the UK and the US (Ohio State University), Eva Pendaeli-Sarakikya is an expert in food and nutrition sciences. She was one of the founders of the renowned Tanzania Food And Nutrition Centre (TFNC) in Dar es Salaam and worked as a consultant for FAO in Lesotho and Somalia. Her first book, Recipe Book for Tanzania written together with Sister Agnes Blaser, was published by Macmillan in 1969 and subsequently re-published by Tanzania Publishing House. She is a businesswoman now and lives in Dar es Salaam.