ISBN 9781990931253
Pages 162
Dimensions 210 x 148mm
Published 2023
Publisher African Perspectives, South Africa
Format Paperback

For Black Girls

Who have yet to forgive themselves

by Tlhalefo Tefo Molatlhegi

This is for the girls who have yet to forgive themselves. Girls with skin darker than dark. Girls with too much fat where the ideology of beauty lies. Girls who, because they have stomachs that fold like envelopes and dimples on their thighs that jiggle like dessert on Christmas Day, would never make it in beauty pageants or onto the cover of a magazine. This … is for the girls who have yet to forgive themselves. Girls who have loved other girls with about as much ferocity in their hearts as it would take to start a war. Girls who have heard the words “big” and “thick madam” more times than you hear about skinny bitches on rap songs. Girls who have witnessed too much judgement on the faces of men because they are too much to handle — literally.

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About the Author

Tlhalefo Tefo Molatlhegi

Tlhalefo Tefo Molatlhegi is a self-proclaimed relapsing shoe addict, music lover and book connoisseur. When she is not dreaming of travel, blasting old school Aretha Franklin and playing around with makeup, she is consumed by her writing.