ISBN 9789996076121
Pages 204
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Published 2024
Publisher Mzuni Press, Malawi
Format Paperback

Gender Based Violence in Malawi

Critiquing Beliefs and Practices that Impede Gender Equality

edited by Rachel Nyagondwe Fiedler, Chrispin Mphande

Endemic worldwide and strong in Malawi, Gender Based Violence permeates all structures of society. So lecturers and students of Mzuzu University in Northern Malawi have worked together to find the reality and any attempts to remedy it. The articles represent research in different communities of the three regions of Malawi. One article presents the background study from which the Mzuzu University Gender Policy was developed, another shows the role of a Police Victim Support Unit, and the final article relates Muslim teaching that should reduce the incidence of Gender Based Violence in Muslim communities. The role of religion is addressed with negative and positive examples.

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About the Editors

Rachel Nyagondwe Fiedler

Rachel Nyagondwe Fiedler is a theologian and community worker, predominantly with women in the rural areas of Malawi. She is an Associate Professor at Mzuzu University.

Chrispin Mphande

Chrispin Mphande is a Lecturer and Head of the Department of History and Heritage Studies at Mzuzu University. He holds a PhD in Development Studies, an MA in African Social History, and a Bachelor of Education (Humanities) from the University of Malawi. His areas of focus are Gender and Development, Agrarian History, Land Governance, Public Policy Analysis, Public Management, Development Administration, and Politics of Development. Some of his publications appear in the Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction and the Journal of Social Sciences Research.