ISBN 9781928346777
ePub ISBN 9781929346783
Pages 144
Dimensions 178mm x 108mm
Published 2018
Publisher Cover2Cover Books, South Africa
Formats Paperback, eBook

Heart of Stone

by Anathi Nyadu

Khanyisile is devastated when his mother dies unexpectedly. When his father takes him from their Eastern Cape village to Cape Town, his life is turned upside down even more. At his new school, Harmony High, Khanyisile meets Given, who invites him to join the amaVura gang. But how far is he prepared to go to be part of them? And how does Given know Matchstix, the mysterious stranger his father takes him to meet in prison? When Khanyisile finds out the truth, it is almost too late for him to turn back from the dangerous path he has chosen …

The series follows the lives of a group of teenagers attending a fictional township high school – Harmony High. The stories reflect their choices, struggles and triumphs. The paperbacks can fit into a pocket! Chapters are short and the language is accessible. Plots are built on tension and excitement. Harmony High books are positive, but not preachy. They are teen ‘soapies’ guaranteed to get young people hooked on reading…

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