ISBN 9781779331410
Pages 128
Dimensions 210x148mm
Published 2024
Publisher Mwanaka Media and Publishing, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback

In the Inferno


by Jabulani Mzinyathi

In the Inferno is part of the continuum starting from the poetry collection Under the Steel Yoke right through to the collection entitled Along the Way. The out of control veld fire is raging in homes and threatens to devour whole nations. The simple yet incisive poems address issues such as corruption, misrule, tyranny and despotism. Some of the poems address the wars in Gaza and Ukraine. The turmoil in the DRC also receives attention. The poems would be a damp squib if the writer did not address the Mugabe legacy and its impact on this country, Zimbabwe, which the late President of Tanzania Julius Mwalimu Nyerere called 'a jewel? The poet takes a keen interest in world events but does not allow this to overshadow what he observes daily in his country of birth, Zimbabwe.

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About the Author

Jabulani Mzinyathi

Born in Gweru on 01.09.65 Jabulani Mzinyathi is a holder of a certificate in education [UZ, 1987] magistrates admission certificate [Judicial College Zimbabwe 1996] diploma in personnel management [IPMZ 2008]. He is a holder of a bachelor of laws degree [UNISA]. Jabulani Mzinyathi is a writer in general and a poet in particular. In 1997 he was awarded the Scottish International Open Poetry diploma for excellence. He has had several poems published in several local and international anthologies. His short stories, humour pieces and legal articles have been published locally and internationally. The self styled poet, philosopher, prophet loves the arts.