ISBN 9789785976052
Pages 386
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2023
Publisher Prima Imprint, Narrative Landscape Press, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Information Technology and Africa

Riding the Fourth Industrial Revolution

by Evans E. Woherem

In this instructive and far-reaching book, Dr Evans E. Woherem presents the technological antecedents of Africa in the context of the continent's position as an unheralded pioneer in technology. The author explains Africa's absence from previous industrial revolutions and advocates for the continent's advantage in harnessing the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).  The book's focus on policies- government and nongovernmental-and other interventions that can contribute to growth in Africa will be of great use to students and policy makers alike. It also provides an understanding of the exponential technologies and what organisations, universities, countries, and individuals can do to master these technologies for the continent's development.

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