ISBN 9781779331489
Pages 124
Dimensions 210x148mm
Published 2024
Publisher Mwanaka Media and Publishing, Zimbabwe
Format Paperback

Ipaki Namalango Yambi

Bemba Poems

by Austin Kaluba

This is an important collection of poems written in Zambia’s widely spoken vernacular language-ci-Bemba. Austin Kaluba’s collection underscores the fact that the greater responsiveness of the writer must be read as reflecting their desire to make a definite impact within their society. For Kaluba, his poetry is marked by a shift from individualism to the national socio-economic, political, and class awareness. The bulk of poems in this collection are about the yawning social gap in Zambia marked by the middle class Nirvan space of the Apamwambas-upper class occupied by locals when white settlers were expelled and the general populace who live on shoe string budgets. The poet borrows heavily from ci-Bemba proverbs and folklore while striking a fusion of the traditional poetic forms and modern formula as mediated by his artistic philosophy. Mr. Kaluba is faithful to the African writer’s role of identifying himself with the common people against the members of the political class. The collection also includes poems on effects of colonialism, environmental concerns, love and philosophical subjects.

Amalango ayali muli ici citabo yalelanda pamilandu iingi. Muli amalango yacitemwiko, ifyo abasungu baonaula imikalile yabena Africa, imfwa, ifyo isonde lyaonaika ku mitukuto yabantu, imitekele yalufyengo elyo namalango yambi. Ici ecitabo cakulenga butatu ica malango ayalembwa mucibemba.

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