ISBN 9789994557325
Pages 216
Dimensions 224x170mm
Published 2024
Publisher University of Namibia Press, Namibia
Format Paperback

Katu Kowa

Omboronganisiro yOmiimbo vyOtjiherero

by Jack R. Kambatuku, Jekura U. Kavari

Life on earth goes around in circles. It is like the sun that rises and sets without tiring. As it rises it arouses hope in everyone’s life and when it sets it brings about peace and tranquility. By repeating its routine of setting and rising the sun changes seasons, bringing rain and propelling wind, all of which sustain plants, animals and all living creatures. This energy also stirs the waves in the oceans. Katu kowa is a diverse collection of over 150 poems, with contributions from students at the University of Namibia. The book, through the various themes, praises life on earth emphasizing a person’s continual hunger and thirst for new heights even after reaching the very top. We always aspire for more, never truly satisfied with our accomplishments. Similarly, the reader will not be satiated from the sweetness of the poems in this book. This book is entirely written in Otjiherero.

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