ISBN 9789996099755
Pages 22
Dimensions 210x148 mm
Published 2022
Publisher Horace Publications, Malawi
Format Paperback

Kuphweketsa Moyo

by Michael MH Simawo

Technology is advancing all the time. Technology has made life easy. Our ancestors did not experience this advanced technology. But how did our ancestors live? This book talks about life in the past and how technology has advanced. Children ought to know how life was in the past for them to appreciate the new technology.

Moyo wa masiku ano ndi wophweka chifukwa cha maluso a sayansi. Kale kunalibe maluso amenewa. Nanga anthu amakhala bwanji kalelo? Ana akuyenera kudziwa m'mene anthu amakhalira ndi kulingalira zatsogolo lawo.

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About the Author

Michael MH Simawo

The author, Michael MH Simawo, is an educationist currently working for Malawi Institute of Education (MIE) as a curriculum specialist. He once taught at primary and secondary school. He also taught at a teacher training college for some years before joining MIE. He specialised in literacy and has co-authored several primary school textbooks for MIE.