ISBN 9781957296241
Pages 170
Dimensions 229x152mm
Published 2023
Publisher Spears Media Press, Cameroon
Format Paperback

Language, Literature, and the Dynamics of Conflict

by Eunice Ngongkum, Hans M. Fonka

Informed by a global space animated by various conflicts, this book brings a refreshing perspective on how the disciplines of literature and language engage this phenomenon. In its shift from a purely political interrogation of conflict, the volume provides a broad analytic canvas on which human behaviour in such contexts can be examined. This is an ultimate invitation to a re-visioning of socio-cultural parameters of identity construction, borders, natural resources, religion, cultural values, beliefs, governance, ideology, and globalisation. The book’s varied perspective, animated by a rich diversity of literary and linguistic approaches, gives it an interdisciplinary emphasis that will appeal to readers across disciplines. Its ultimate message is that conflict is not subject-bound. The liberal analysis of different aspects makes the volume an invaluable asset not only to literature and language scholars but also to everyone with inclinations towards conflict creation and management.

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About the Author

Eunice Ngongkum

Eunice Ngongkum holds a PhD from the University of Yaoundé 1 where she is presently Professor of African Literature and Culture in the Department of African Literature and Civilizations.  She is author of Anglophone Cameroon Poetry in the Environmental Matrix (2017) and Dennis Brutus' Poetics of Revolt (2018).   She is a short story writer and poet whose stories and poems have appeared in national/international anthologies and magazines. She has two collections of short stories to her credit, namely, Manna of a Lifetime & Other Stories (2007) and Wen Men Nté (2012). Tides of Fancy is her first collection of poems.