ISBN 9789785860450
Pages 324
Dimensions 229 x 152mm
Published 2021
Publisher Safari Books, Nigeria
Format Paperback

Legacies of a Legend

Selected Speeches of Ambassador Bamanga Tukur

by Tukur Bamanga

Bamanga Tukur success at the Ports brought him to prominence. He had learnt a lot from his two decades of experience at the Nigerian Ports Authority. He learnt more about Leadership, the economy, both theory and practice; business theory and principles; commerce and industry and all these set him off into a new life trajectory, from public service life to private sector life and service. He became fully involved with, participated in and later led The African Business Round Table (ABR) and The New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD). He was also involved in promoting the importance and the crucial role Private Sector can play in driving the success of the economy. He became a versatile business and economic promoter by the many cogent business speeches he made at many businesses fora around the world; at the United Nation in New York (USA); in Durban (South Africa); Dakar (Senegal); and Abuja (Nigeria). More of these speeches could be found in the book

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