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Levy Patrick Mwanawasa

An incentive for posterity

by Amos Malupenga

Forthright and upstanding, Levy was never afraid to speak his mind. He instilled a culture of transparency in his government and cracked down on corruption, launching the biggest anti-corruption campaign in Zambia. He espoused the values of clean governance as one of the critical requirements for the development and reconstruction of the African continent.

 Thabo Mbeki, South African President, September 3, 2008

 I bring to the people of Zambia and family of President Mwanawasa, now the deceased, the sympathies and condolences of the brothers and sisterly people of Zimbabwe over the very sad loss of a great man whose work was aimed not only at the development of Zambia but our region as a whole. We shall all certainly miss this great colleague who was always very frank and courageous in expressing his honest views.

May God rest him in eternal peace.'

President Robert Mugabe, September 2, 2008, his message in the book of condolences at State House in Lusaka

 It's a hard blow, an extremely hard blow. Who can deny what a blow President Levy Mwanawasa's death is to our country, to our people, to our struggles, how much it means to no longer be able to count on his support, his experience, his inspiration, the strength of his character and reputation, which instilled fear in crooks, in the corrupt, the plunderers? It is a fierce blow, a very hard one. But we are sure that he, more than anyone, was convinced that what is more important is not man's physical life but rather his conduct. This is the only way to explain and understand how Levy's absolute contempt for crooks, thieves and plunderers fits in with his personality and actions.

 Fred M'membe, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of The Post, August 19, 2008, on the death of Levy Mwanawasa

 'A life of great patriotism and pan-Africanism and a life of service to one's people, turning to development that targets the people, a life of honesty, integrity and service without discrimination. His love of all the citizenry has been unprecedented?

 Former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa, September 2, 2008

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About the Author

Amos Malupenga

Amos Malupenga is an accomplished journalist, author and public administrator. He extensively practised investigative journalism for 16 years before resigning as managing editor of The Post in 2011 to join the Government of the Republic of Zambia as permanent secretary. He served as permanent secretary for 10 years in various ministries including Local Government and Housing, Information and Labour, Tourism and Arts, and Information and Broadcasting Services, which was his last position in September 2021 following the change of government. A few months before the 2021 presidential and general elections, he also served as Chief Government Spokesperson. During his tenure as permanent secretary, he served on over 20 Boards of Directors of parastatal and quasi government institutions as non-executive director. Among other qualifications, he holds a Bachelor of Communications degree from Australia's Edith Cowan University, Amos Malupenga is also the author of Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, An Incentive for Posterity (2009) and Conversations with Memorable Personalities (2022).