ISBN 9781942876564
Pages 78
Dimensions 216 x 140mm
Published 2020
Publisher African Books Collective, UK
Format Paperback

Litany of a Foreign Wife


by Nnane Ntube

Litany of a Foreign Wife, Nnane Ntube’s beautifully crafted debut collection of poetry projects images of a society marked by instability, feelings of homelessness, disorientation, oppression and neglect. Through her storytelling style of poetry, she interrogates humanity’s existence in a context where life’s meanings are gradually fading and absurdities are becoming the order of the day. The poems are adorned with the faculties of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch which trigger fear, insecurity, frustration, complaints and escape, thus provoking the longing for hope, home, love and peace.

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About the Author

Nnane Ntube

Nnane Ntube is an award-winning poet whose poems have been performed widely across Cameroon. She is a youth leader, mentor, volunteer, performer and Youth Envoy for Peace and Democracy. Her poems have been featured in leading magazines and online platforms such as Spillwords Press, Tuck Magazine, Writers Space Africa, Tushstories, Bravearts Magazine and in anthologies such as Best New African Poets 2018, Medley of Melodies, Influence of Indian Classics on World Literature, Break the Silence, Ashes and Memories, The Gifted Pen, and many others.