ISBN 9789956553051
Pages 172
Dimensions 203 x 127 mm
Published 2023
Publisher Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon
Format Paperback

Media and Technology in 21st Century Higher and Tertiary Education in Africa

Insights from Teachers’ Colleges in Zimbabwe

by Costain Tandi, Munyaradzi Mawere, Martin Mukwazhe

This book interrogates media and technology in the 21st century higher and tertiary education in Africa. Using Zimbabwe as its case study, the book highlights the immense changes that the digital revolution has brought to higher institutions of learning in Africa, including changes in teaching and learning. Framed from an anti-colonial perspective, the book argues that digital change, though critical in revolutionising education in Africa, has come with a price as it has resulted in some epistemological erasures and injustices meted against the poor. The book makes a critical contribution as it quests to correct the misdemeanours and injustices caused by digital gaps in African societies. The authors argue that the future and success of digital technology in Africa lie in how well African countries will culturally and contextually sensor technology and attend to the problems caused by digital gaps. The book provides a re-invigorated overview and nuanced analyses of the role of media and technology in revolutionising 21st century higher and tertiary education in Africa. It provides pointers and insights on how African countries can reformulate their education policy in a manner that is in sync with the level of digital technology of the time. This is an important addition to critical debates on media and technology studies in education in Africa.

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About the Authors

Costain Tandi

Costain Tandi is a Graduate teacher for Advanced level History and Sociology as well as Head of Department (Humanities) at Rufaro High School in Chatsworth, Zimbabwe.

Munyaradzi Mawere

Munyaradzi Mawere is a Professor in the Simon Muzenda School of Arts, Culture and Heritage Studies at Great Zimbabwe University. He holds a PhD in Social Anthropology; a Master’s Degree in Social Anthropology; a second Master’s Degree in Philosophy; a third Master’s Degree in Development Studies; BA (Hons) Degree in Philosophy; Certificate in Tertiary and Higher Learning; Certificate in Information Technology; and a Certificate in Diplomacy, Negotiation and Bargaining. He is an author of more than 50 books and over 200 academic publications straddling the following areas: poverty and development studies, African philosophy, cultural philosophy, democracy, politics of food production, humanitarianism and civil society organisations, urban anthropology, existential anthropology, environmental anthropology, society and politics, religion, decoloniality and African studies.

Martin Mukwazhe

MARTIN MUKWAZHE is a PhD Candidate at the University of South Africa, and the incumbent Principal of Mkoba Teachers College, Gweru, Zimbabwe. His research interests include African Philosophy, Philosophy of Education, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science, and Ethics