ISBN 9789954885161
Pages 152
Dimensions 210 x 148 mm
Illustrations B/W Illustrations
Published 2009
Publisher Editions du Sirocco, Morocco
Format Paperback

Mon premier voyage en France 1952

by Abdelhadi Tazi

"The travel in France made me discover a new world and I came back another man."

Abdelhadi Tazi’s account, drawn from his 1952 travel notebooks, takes us to accompany him daily during his first journey in France. While there he discovers, he is filled with wonder, surprised, and recounts with humour and moderation. His account of his travels vividly illustrates his already insatiable curiosity of "the other", his thirst for knowledge, his qualities of sharp observation, his enthusiasm for the exchange of ideas. He returns even more convinced of the necessity of education for all and of the enrichment brought about by the dialogue of civilisations.

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About the Author

Abdelhadi Tazi

Abdelhadi Tazi ("presumed" born in 1921 in Fes), studied and taught at Al Qaraouiyine University of Fes. He is a historical researcher, author of more than fifty historical and cultural works of reference, some of which have been translated into English, German and Chinese. This account is his first French translation. Ambassador of his country in Baghdad, Tripoli, Teheran and the United Arabic Emirates, he is also a member of the Kingdom of Morocco Academy, in whose creation he participated, and of the Academies of Cairo, Amman and Damascus.