ISBN 9789988550110
Pages 196
Dimensions 216 x 140mm
Published 2014
Publisher Sub-Saharan Publishers, Ghana
Format Paperback

Multilingualism, Language in Education, and Academic Literacy

Applied Linguistics Research in the Language Centre

edited by Gordon SK Adika, Charles C. Asante

The Language Centre was founded in 1970 as a language research department in the University of Ghana, under the then Faculty of Arts. Its mandate was to focus on research and teaching related to the improvement of performance in English, the official language, and the various Ghanaian languages as vectors of education, culture and community interaction. Since the 1970s, the Centre has been focusing on research related to language learning, teaching and assessment, language endangerment and documentation, multilingualism, intercultural communication, and the interconnected areas of language and literature. This book, in essence, reflects these research areas, but more than that the constitutive research articles were produced jointly or severally by different generations of directors and research fellows of the Centre, over the four decades of the organization's existence. The ten chapters of this commemorative anthology comprise selected research articles from a very large pool of previously published works with continuing relevance, as well as more recent works that have not yet been published. The book is not designed for release as a discrete and independent publication. On the contrary, it feeds into a much wider set of commemorative collections from diverse units, all of which are thematically linked in a manner designed to project the mission of the University of Ghana.

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About the Editors

Gordon SK Adika

Gordon Senanu Kwame Adika is a Senior Research Fellow in the Language Centre, University of Ghana, and is also the Acting Director of the Centre. He holds a BA (English and Linguistics) and a PhD (Linguistics) both from the University of Ghana as well as an MPhil (English and Applied Linguistics) from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. His research focuses on English for Academic purposes and English language use among university students; and extends to the interrelated areas of language and literature.

Charles C. Asante

Charles C. Asante is a Lecturer at the University of Ghana Language Centre with over 25 years of international teaching experience and a wide and varied professional background in materials development, programme management, IT, autonomous learning resource management, human resources, and academic research. His professional qualifi cations are an MA in TESL from UCLA and a PhD in Communication from the University of Ulster.